The Quiet Years – 2014 to 2021

by RR Reporter

Between 2014 and 2017 Danny spent less time in clubs as family life started with the birth of a son, but continued his guest residency with occasional gigs at the Music Box. Other gigs were mostly at smaller local festivals, including the annual Edfest gathering and a couple of appearances at Get On My Land where he warmed up for the excellent Sub-Giant.

During these two quieter years Danny wanted to enjoy the Music scene from the Dancefloor for a change. Two of the exceptional gigs Danny attended were for UNKLE at Somerset House in London where he met a music idol James Lavelle, who was also showcasing the Daydreaming artwork collection with Stanley Kubrick. The second was with Danny’s ultimate DJ Idol Sasha and his Refracted show Live at The Barbican, which became one of Danny’s most magical music experiences of all time.

In 2018 a house move meant that Danny’s studio had to be dismantled, so he took a complete break for DJing for the year. This break continued through 2019, apart from the occasional House Party with decks setup in the Kitchen!

With the turn of the year into 2020 it was time for Danny to get back out to the clubs and with some bookings in the diary for March onwards we all know what happened next, LOCKDOWN in the UK due to the global pandemic! During lockdown Danny started (as many others did) Live Streaming, spinning classic vinyl to cheer up the clubbers who had nowhere to go. In late 2020 Danny performed his first gig for Wave XR, a Virtual Reality nightclub which seemed like the only way to party at this point.

The first half of 2021 has not seen any gigs with nightclubs still shut down but the Live Streaming continued on Danny’s Mixcloud Account. He also decided to delve into the future by getting into VR more and grabbed a VR headset and VR PC so he could immerse himself into full virtual reality.

In June Danny was asked to become a Resident DJ for Tribe XR & Tribe Radio, a brand new VR Clubbing scene that even has Virtual Reality CDJ’s & Mixer to play on which is a very futuristic experience. You can catch Danny playing Deep & Organic House and Melodic & Progressive House on Tribe Radio from 8-10pm GMT every other Thursday from 22nd July 2021. On the alternate Thursdays at 8-10pm GMT from 29th July 2021 he’ll be streaming Live from his Mixcloud page, playing a selection of new tracks and some classic vinyl sets.

Danny is looking forward to getting out and into clubs later in 2021 and will be performing at a few reunion gigs in 2022, watch this space! 😉


The Last 10 Years – 2003 to 2013

by RR Reporter

After taking a few years out of the DJ circuit when Enzos closed down in 2003, Danny then returned to the scene in 2007 promoting and Djing at his own nights back in the club where it all began, though the club had changed hands on many occasions.

It was the Year of the Club Reunion party in 2008 which kept Danny busy banging out all of the classics again. In 2009 Danny took on his first residency for 5 Years, in partnership with the old Enzos management team. It was also a year of Free Parties, back in a field where it all began over 20 Year ago. This was also the year that Danny joined the team at The Radio Department, who look after all of the big names Radio Shows including Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, John Digweed and Paul Oakenfold.

In 2010 Danny started hosting a new radio show “Reactivated” on UK Dance FM showcasing upfront House, Tech and Progressive tunes to the worldwide listeners. This year also saw another new Residency at the Cub Vision free parties, once again teaming up with Paul Enzo.

2011 saw the 1st release on Rumpshakin Records, this was the name of Danny’s record shop from back in the early 90’s. Novus Aurora by the Fedz was a collaboration of local talent, with Steve EZ Rixon and the fabulous Lily McCauley on vocals.

Another year and another new residency in 2012 at the Music Box, supporting Bands including Banco De Gaia, Sub-Giant and Public Service Broadcasting. This year also saw the 2nd & 3rd release on Rumpshakin Records, “YANDI” by Jase Jay, remixed by Jase and Danny and the latter “See the Day” by Pro-Federation was another collaboration with Steve EZ Rixon and the vocals came courtesy of Johanna Hancock, one of many fantastic local singer/songwriters.

So far, 2013 has been another great year with gigs alongside Brandon Block & Marc Vedo of Koolwaters fame and were not even half way through yet!


A Brief History – 2001

by Steve ‘EZ’ Rixon (Freedom Sound)

Danny was inspired to start DJ’ing over a decade ago when acid house, rave fever and the summer of love swept across the nation. As soon as clubs in Salisbury were brave enough to host nights, Danny was booked and quickly established himself as the areas No.1 underground DJ. Around 1993 his reputation soon reached far and wide, securing him guest spots at some prestigious events of the time.

On the verge of national recognition, Danny (somewhat) put his own career on hold, to help the local scene move forward. Due to popular demand, he opened the first dance music record shop in Salisbury, Rumpshakin Records. Around this time Danny cultivated a side-line in his own quality packaged mix tapes. Over the years he has shifted somewhere in the region of 10,000+ (you’d be hard pushed to find any dedicated clubber within a 100 mile radius who doesn’t own one!).

As well as the ranking events, Danny also featured at a myriad of parties (a young Marc Vedo saw Danny play at one such event and hassled him all night long to teach him how to DJ!). In 1996 the shop closed and Danny concentrated his effort and energy into establishing Silk @ Enzos. Here he continues to maintain a successful residency and is instrumental in bringing top quality names to the area.

The year 2000 saw Danny enter the studio, producing and mixing his own material. His debut 12” was released on White Label and both Seb Fontaine and Paul Oakenfold played it at Cream on New Year’s Eve. Parks & Wilson have also been spinning it regularly and a Cream resident on Power FM rated it as one of their anthems of the year. February 2001 sees the release of Danny’s new 12” entitled ‘Morpheus’ so keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground.

If you’ve never heard Danny DJ, be prepared for some of the smoothest quality mixing your ears will ever have the pleasure to hear. Danny is capable of bringing the best out of an audience and creating a wonderful atmosphere. Over the years he has mastered his razor sharp turntable skills to a fine point. This (accompanied by his own musical output) ensures he is coming to claim the crown that he so graciously sacrificed earlier in his career.


Biography – 2000

Anthony Teasdale (Mixmag)

It’s hard to keep a quality Saturday night house club going in these days of corporate superclubs and worldwide clubbing tours. In a major city at least you can rely on a big population to help you out, but out of places like London, Liverpool and Manchester it’s hard to keep the vibe going. Which is why Danny Franks, resident DJ at the much praised Silk @ Enzo’s in Salisbury is so unique.

This is a man who not only DJ’s but co-promotes what must be the best long running house night in the south west ( It started in 1996 ). And it’s not some barn full of bumpkins either. Enzo’s is transformed on Saturday’s into a perfect clubbing environment complete with sumptuous decor and firing sound system filled with quality clubbers all ready to party, to lose themselves and their troubles. It’s what’s been keeping dancers going for years; the chance to lose it, to be who you want to be, to forget your job and your lousy boss for just a few hours once a week. And at Enzo’s they do it to Danny’s soundtrack.

Entering the club when Danny plays you’re struck immediately by the intensity of his sound, the fusion of deep bass and soaring synth riffs that echo round the club, assaulting the senses. But more than that you’re taken with the devotion that the Silk crowd show him. During the other DJ’s sets you can sense that the locals aren’t too bothered about the guest spinners, they’re merely waiting for, what is to them, the main event. And when Danny comes on for those final two hours and mixes that first track in, the club explodes. Franks is a true resident, working out every week what the crowd will go for, educating and entertaining them with his mix of deep or uplifting trance and harder house, adding breaks here and there when it suits him. This is a DJ on top of his profession.

Of course, it would be easy for him to rest on his laurels, after all Silk would be hard to top, but Danny’s not like that, he’s never satisfied. His guest spots have taken him all over the country. He’s played at The Zap, Brighton, Heaven, Ministry of Sound, London, and several guest mixes on Ministry Radio’s “Tranced Out” show just to name a few, playing alongside every, and I mean every big name in the business. Danny Franks’ career is taking off. Watch this lad, as all the best football managers say.