Happy, Hard, Deep, Upliftin, Bouncy, Funky, Pumpin, Trancy, Techy, Proggy, Electro, Vocals, Pianos, Anthems and Classics!

At The Last Soiree 2023
On DigDeep Radio V-15 2023-09
On DigDeep Radio V-14 2023-07
At StreetLife Summer Party 2023
On DigDeep Radio V-13 2023-05
On DigDeep Radio V-12 2023-04
On DigDeep Radio V-11 2023-03
On DigDeep Radio V-10 2022-12
On DigDeep Radio V-09 2022-11
On DigDeep Radio V-08 2022-10
On DigDeep Radio V-07 2022-09
On DigDeep Radio V-06 2022-07
On DigDeep Radio V-05 2022-06
On DigDeep Radio V-04 2022-05
On DigDeep Radio V-03 2022-04
On DigDeep Radio V-02 2022-03
On DigDeep Radio V-01 2022-02
On DigDeep Radio 2021-09
Reactivated on Tribe XR 2021-08-05
Reactivated on BeatSyndicateVR
On DigDeep Radio 2021-07
Hypnotic State of Mind
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 7
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 6
Contrasting Collisions MMXX Live
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 5
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 4
Novus Aurora MMXX v2 LIVE
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 2
Rumpshakin Classic Vinyl Vol 1
A New Dawn MMXX
Contrasting Collisions MMXIX
Rumpshakin 2018 Side A
At the Music Box 2017-02
Rumpshakin 2016 Part 1
Rumpshakin 2016 Part 2
At the Music Box 2013-04
At the Music Box NYE 12-13
At the Music Box 2012-09
At the Music Box 2012-02
At The Kandi Lounge 2012
At EZ’s Wedding 2011
At JPs 40th 2010
Novus Aurora MMX
Live at Vision I 2010-02
Live at Vision II 2010-03
Live at Vision III 2010-07
At Cabbage Moon FP 2009
At Cabbage Gathering FP 2009
At The Lodge NYE 08-09
Rumpshakin Volume 2008
A New Digital Dawn
Anthems Y2K01
Anthems Y2K02
Anthems Y2K03 Classic Edition
House of Anthems Vol 1
House of Anthems Vol 2